Thursday, November 29, 2012

In everything, give thanks...

Is it just me, or have I been thankful for some really weird things lately? I blame all of my Facebook friends who did "Today I'm thankful for..." statuses all through November.
First of all, I'm so thankful I'm finally done with my 1st trimester and seem to also be done with morning sickness! Yay!
But that's not one of the weird ones. It gets better.
This morning, for example, I was scrubbing mouse droppings off my kitchen counter and stove-top, and I randomly thought, "These were long over-due for a good scrub-down and disinfecting anyway. I'm thankful to those mice for forcing me to stop procrastinating on this!"
Yes, I really thought that.
This afternoon, I was emptying several containers of REALLY old left-overs from my fridge. (If there's anything you don't want to do when you're dealing with morning sickness, it's clean out your fridge, or look at leftovers at all, and since that's been me for the past 2 months, things had gotten SUPER ugly, as in, month-old-salmon ugly.) As I was dumping moldy cooked broccoli into my compost pile, I suddenly thought, "I'm so thankful for my cold! My nose is so stuffed up I can hardly smell these!"
I promise I'm not bragging about how awesome and thankful I am. I know I can't take credit for it. I'm as surprised by it as anyone. As soon as I thought these things I thought, "What?! Where did that come from? What a weird thing to be thankful for!"
So yes, all you thankful status people, I blame you. Usually, I'm a complainer, a first-world-problems person. As far as I know, I've never been this ridiculously cheerful, glass-half-full person before in my life. Has anyone else gotten into this habit since the Thanksgiving?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life without Facebook.

I never realized how often I checked my Facebook. Until now.
You see, Facebook has disowned me. They claim I don't exist-- that I must prove to them that I am myself. Strange that the last six years of my posting, connecting to people, and being tagged in pictures don't count...
I have sent them the proof they require. It has been several days, and they have still to send me the promised e-mail reinstating me into their good graces. I know a few days does not sound like a long time, but it strangely is when it deprives a person of something they did every few hours.
And, apparently, I check my Facebook every few hours. I never knew this before, but now it is very obvious, as ever few hours I sit down at my computer and suffer the same disappointment, annoyance, and feeling of being lost and adrift, cut off from the world.
So, if you were looking for me on Facebook, this is why I'm not there. I'm sitting here at my computer, wondering what to do instead. The irony is that, probably, no one will see this post, because I didn't link to it on Facebook.